Brand Strategy, Branding, Website design, Automations

Main Focus

Creating a brand that stands out. With a loud and vibrant look to appeal to the younger generation of professionals. 

Type of Startup

Company registration, business consultation, and legal help. Easing the way freelancers and e-commerce brands can do business in the digital realm, especially in countries where payment processors are limited.

Unique Take

Visually expresses their mission that global services are within reach to anybody.


Unique brand creation.

More than 200 sign-ups on day one.

Our Responsibilities


  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Web design & development
  • Social media content creation


  • Brand identity
  • Brand guide
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Social media designs
  • Automation

The Challenge

Create a unified brand that extends global services to every point on the planet by registering a US entity.  The user-driven mission is to serve people in countries that haven’t updated their online processing systems, to help them express their true selves and work in a truly remote society without boundaries or limitations.

Research & Strategy

Neubase revolves around connectivity and enabling everybody to have an equal chance no matter where they are in the world. That meant we needed a brand that expresses all of this in the simplest form possible. Have a stand-alone timeless icon was one of the main goals.

Brand creation


What we liked about NeuBase is the general idea was straightforward to convey into a stamp-like logo. Our general idea comes from
but gave it a bold and modern minimalistic look. 

Idea Progression

Brand Identity and Assets design

Minimalistic and bold always aiming for less clutter, clear graphics elements to emphasize the brand.

Website design

With its sleek and modern interface, Neubase provides an inviting platform where burgeoning entrepreneurs can convert their groundbreaking ideas and products into businesses.  Featuring crisp visuals, engaging content, and user-friendly tools, Neubase is the go-to destination for budding visionaries to illuminate their path to success. Join us on this exciting journey as we light up the future of entrepreneurship together.

Before & After

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