Brand Strategy, Website reskin, Animations

Main Focus

Brand strategy to determine the brand purpose, user personas, and value proposition.  

Type of Startup

An NFT marketplace that focuses on the curation of collections with the ultimate goal of trading for passive income.

Unique Take

Using minimalism and very few colors to tone down the platform so collections can portray the massive creativity in their art. 


Platform launch. 

Grew their Discord community from 8k to 24k+ members.

Grew their Twitter following from 5k to 30k members.

4x Daily transactions / traffic

The Challenge

Infinity was an underdog when it comes down to NFT marketplaces but when it comes to their visual representations and they wanted to compete with the big dogs in the induistry. We had to pin point the exact pain points and address them, what others are doing wrong so we could climb on top in no time. During the brand strategy workshop, a lot was discovered about the brand itself and its competitors. 

Research & Strategy

The discovery and marketing strategy sessions were conducted a few weeks in a row to finally get to a mutual understanding of the scope and also come to certain conclusions on how the brand will communicate to its users and general audience. After the baseline was established we dived deep into execution.

Our Responsibilities


  • Brand strategy workshop
  • Upgrading the visual aesthetic


  • Brand strategy
  • Website design
  • Illustrations
  • Animation
  • Video editing

Brand Strategy Workshop

Finding the What, How and Why

We had to look back into the core of the brand to find out what are user pain points so we can pave the way forward.

Before & After

Brand Identity and Assets design

The strategy that we set in place was game-changing for the brand because we knew exactly what when and how Infnity should approach new but also retain the old customer base.

Animationn design process

Final Animation

Socials and Website design

Website reskin proposal

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